Paloma Giangrande, Ph.D.


Dr. Paloma Giangrande is Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at The University of Iowa and an internationally recognized expert in drug design and delivery. Her research focuses on elucidating mechanisms of deregulated cell growth and survival and applying this knowledge to develop cell-targeted therapies (“smart drugs”) with improved efficacy and safety profiles over current drugs in the clinic.

The technology she developed and pioneered employs RNA bio-drugs that deliver potent drug payloads to diseased cells for treating diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and critical illness. Dr. Giangrande’s background in pharmacology and experimental surgery has uniquely positioned her to utilize new molecular tools and breakthroughs in biology to better understand disease pathogenesis and develop new treatments to address important clinical needs. Her efforts in these areas have led to several innovative contributions including a novel avenue for the targeted delivery of RNAi drugs to organs other than liver and new insights of key protein regulators in control of cell-growth and pathogenesis.


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