Annual Meeting 2023

The Annual Meeting Program is Now Live Online!

Attend May 16–20 - February 10, 2023

The only full, up-to-date Annual Meeting program is now available on our website. Check it out today and register through Feb. 28 for early rates, a $100 value. We hope to see you in Los Angeles in May!

The ASGCT Annual Meeting is the premier event for professionals in gene and cell therapy, and you may be wondering what to expect this year whether you’re considering attending for the first time or you’re a long-time member. We have planned a range of workshopssymposiakeynote speakers, and receptions. You’ll get a chance to make valuable connections or catch up with colleagues, all while learning the latest in CGT and valuable career skills. 

Here’s something else we’re excited about in 2023: The Meeting has been extended to 4.5 full days. It’s your chance to enjoy the LA sun even longer!

The full, up-to-date Annual Meeting program is now available on our website and will be regularly updated as the schedule evolves. Check it out and register with early bird pricing through February 28 to save $100. If you’re not an ASGCT member yet, join now to save up to an additional $350.

Register for the Annual Meeting Today

Program User Guide

Search for sessions & speakers you’re interested in

Use filters on the left side of the screen to narrow down session types and keywords. You can search by title or keyword (e.g. “vector design”) or presenter name (e.g. “Mendell”). Press Enter or click on “APPLY FILTERS” to view results. 

To go back to viewing all sessions, clear your selections and press Enter or click on “APPLY FILTERS” AGAIN. Screen-Shot-2023-02-10-at-1-12-37-PM.png

Check for the latest updates

At the top of the page, find the “Last update” field. The schedule is updated regularly, so make sure to check back in if you’re curious about additional topics or speakers. Screen-Shot-2023-02-10-at-1-07-46-PM.png

View detailed session information

Click on the session title for more information on the topic and speakers. 

Click on “SESSION DETAILS” to view speakers and talk titles without leaving the page. 

Click on a talk title or speaker name to view their affiliations and disclosures, if applicable.Screen-Shot-2023-02-10-at-1-08-38-PM.png

Switch between event days

Click on the day at the top of the agenda to view the schedule for that date only. Screen-Shot-2023-02-10-at-1-09-22-PM.png

Navigate to additional Annual Meeting information

Use the buttons at the top to learn more about the meeting essentials such as registration and keynote speakers. This year, we’re excited to welcome Jennifer Doudna, PhD; David R. Liu, PhD; Crystal Mackall, MD; and Stanley Riddell, MD. Screen-Shot-2023-02-10-at-1-10-03-PM.png

Register for the Annual Meeting Today

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