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Watch "Life After Gene Therapy" from ASGCT and NORD

ASGCT Staff - January 10, 2020

The fifth and final webinar in this series explores the personal journeys  of two patients who received gene therapy.

The fifth and final in a series of five educational webinars from ASGCT and the National Organizations for Rare Disorders (NORD) is now available to watch for free.

Download the slides here

During "Life After Gene Therapy," which was held December 18, participants heard from Charles Hough, who was diagnosed with sickle cell disease when he was two years old, and Nicole Almeida, who found out her son had SMA when she was five months pregnant. Charles received gene therapy through a clinical trial at NIH in 2017. Nicole's son, Matteo, received gene therapy when he was just 27 days old. Charles and Nicole talked about symptoms before gene therapy treatments, how they got involved in clinical trials, what the procedures were like, and what life is like now for them and their families.

To learn more about sickle cell disease, SMA, and other genetic disorders, check out our Patient Education portal. You can also watch the first four webinars on this section of our website.

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