Annual Meeting 2023

Patient Advocates: Apply for Free Registration to the Annual Meeting

Lexi Starosta - March 17, 2023

Our offer for members of patient advocacy organizations and foundations, as well as individuals and caregivers affected by rare or genetic diseases, is intended to help cultivate meaningful discussions and knowledge sharing.

The Annual Meeting has become the premier event for cell and gene therapy (CGT) professionals to network, learn, and foster advances in the field. Originally designed as a place for academic researchers to share their work, it has grown to serve various audiences including but not limited to clinicians, manufacturers, regulatory agencies, and patient communities.

We recognize patient advocacy organizations, foundations, and individuals and caregivers affected by rare or genetic diseases as key stakeholders in the field of CGT. To  acknowledge these groups, ASGCT is offering a program for eligible patient advocates to apply to receive free registration to the Annual Meeting. This offer is intended to help cultivate meaningful discussions and knowledge sharing among various attendee groups. There is a lot of new and exciting science to explore, which makes this event a fantastic opportunity for patient advocate leaders in the space.

Here’s what one returning patient advocate attendee shared about his experience from past Annual Meetings:

“In my pursuit of therapy, a close friend suggested that I attend the ASGCT conference,” said Terry Pirovolakis, founder of CureSPG50.

Pirovolakis decided to go, and he ended up meeting six of the top gene therapy experts from around the world, “as well as representatives from the FDA, NIH, and various companies who continue to provide me with valuable support and guidance.”

He continued: “If I hadn’t gone, I never would have been able to create the gene therapy that has been so helpful to my son and, soon, other children struggling with this terrible disease. I find this event to be the best in the industry. The events and sessions are essential to expanding and sharing details in the field."

You never know who you might run into while walking to the next session, sitting down to listen to a presenter, or attending a networking event. They could be part of the next step in your gene and cell therapy journey. However, the people you may meet are not the only reason to attend. There are tons of educational sessions and research to expand your knowledge.

Don’t miss the tailored opportunities ASGCT is offering for patient advocates on the first day of the meeting, Tuesday, May 16:

Another previous attendee, Kathleen Flynn, executive director of the National Tay-Sachs & Allied Diseases Association (NTSAD), shared her thoughts on the meeting.

“It was valuable to attend the workshop dedicated to patient advocacy and attend the scientific sessions throughout the week,” Flynn said. “I increased my knowledge of gene therapy and learned more about current research that intersects with the diseases on which focuses.”

ASGCT is excited to see the growing interest in attending the meeting from the rare disease community. The energy experienced in a room filled with individuals so passionate about the field, and the potential for applying innovative technology to further advance gene and cell therapy treatments for patients, is not to be missed. We hope to have you join us at the Annual Meeting in May!

Take advantage of this free registration opportunity as an advocate or share it among your networks! Learn more about eligibility and apply.

Lexi Starosta is the patient outreach manager at ASGCT.


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