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Meet Jyoti Jaiswal, PhD: ASGCT Volunteer Rockstar

October 09, 2023

In an October 2023 installment of our series highlighting ASGCT member volunteers, meet Jyoti Jaiswal, PhD, chair of the Society's Musculo-Skeletal Gene and Cell Therapy Committee.

ASGCT is a volunteer-led organization, and it could not effectively pursue its mission and strategic vision without the commitment of its volunteers. The Society does so through 32 standing, scientific, and board committees supported by more than 400 member volunteers. We recognize our committee leaders for their time, commitment, and expertise, and appreciate their willingness to help ASGCT advance the field of gene and cell therapy in a unique and meaningful way.  

Jyoti Jaiswal, PhD, is a tenured Professor at the Children's National Hospital and George Washington University. He earned his PhD from the Indian Institute of Science and subsequently established his research group at Rockefeller University.  

During his tenure as a fellow and faculty member at Rockefeller University, Dr. Jaiswal's research led to the development of innovative tools for investigating single cells and subcellular responses. His ongoing research is focused on unraveling the mechanisms for cell and tissue repair, with a particular emphasis on understanding how genetic and other factors that impact these processes lead to neuromuscular diseases. 

Dr. Jaiswal actively collaborates with patient organizations, clinicians, and pharmaceutical companies to translate his discoveries into potential drug and gene therapies for conditions like muscular dystrophies. Beyond his research pursuits, he is deeply committed to nurturing and mentoring the next generation of aspiring scientists and future leaders in the scientific community. 

Dr. Jaiswal leads the Musculo-Skeletal Gene and Cell Therapy Committee and is responsible for directing the committee as they develop programming for the Annual Meeting, Insights Series, and other Society events. 


ASGCT thanks Dr. Jaiswal for his service on ASGCT’s Musculo-Skeletal Gene and Cell Therapy Committee. Our members serve as subject matter experts for Society-led projects, including Annual Meeting programming, through both our standing committees and scientific committees and we could not do the work we do without them.  

For questions on ASGCT committees or volunteer process, please contact Dani Gale (dgale@asgct.org). 

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