Apply for Nearly $1 Million in Award Funding by Aug. 1

ASGCT Staff - June 01, 2022

It's award season at ASGCT! Starting today, ASGCT members can apply for the following funded awards totaling close to $1 million.

Career Development Awards

ASGCT will award $100,000 each to six members who are working toward independence in their gene and cell therapy careers. Learn more about the benefits, timeline, and what you'll need to apply here.

Apply for a Career Develoment Award


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Awards

The DEI awards, now in their second year, were created as part of ASGCT's commitment to promoting justice and equity in gene and cell therapy research. Learn more about these awards here.

Underrepresented Minority Fellowship Award in Gene and Cell Therapy for Oncology

This $100,000 award will support one ASGCT member from an underrepresented minority population in a postdoctoral or early-stage investigator fellowship in gene or cell therapy-related research for an oncology indication for one year.

Underrepresented Population Fellowship Award in Gene and Cell Therapy for Any Indication

This $100,000 award will support one ASGCT member from an underrepresented group in the scientific workforce through a postdoctoral or early-stage investigator fellowship in any gene or cell therapy-related research for one year.

Award for Research on Conditions Disproportionately Affecting Minorities

This $50,000 award will support one ASGCT member in gene or cell therapy-related research for conditions disproportionately affecting minorities for one year.

Apply for a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Award