Global Outreach

Foster global outreach by advancing knowledge, education, and awareness of gene and cell therapy around the world.

ASGCT will expand its mission outside of the United States, increasing membership, offering programming, and promoting access throughout the world.

The Society will work to bring together the global community of gene and cell therapy professionals to participate in current programming within the United States, establish new international partnerships and strengthen existing ones, and identify opportunities to promote gene and cell therapies particularly in countries with low- and middle-income economies.

  1. Reach gene and cell therapy researchers and professionals outside the United States, promoting membership and participation within the Society.
  2. Partner with established professional societies based outside the United States to deliver coordinated scientific and educational content and cross promote the program offerings of each organization.
  3. Foster equitable access to gene therapy in countries with low- and middle-income economies through research collaborations, targeted funding and award opportunities, and outreach efforts.
  4. Incorporate global audiences into the Society’s other programming, including communications, advocacy, and education efforts.

Download the Full 2020 ASGCT Strategic Plan

2020 Strategic Plan

ASGCT is committed to seizing on the tremendous growth in the science and clinical application of gene and cell therapy, supporting the global impact of our work, and strengthening the Society’s infrastructure.


Advocate on behalf of members to lawmakers and policymakers to support the success of and patient access to gene and cell therapy. 


Innovate by driving scientific and technological advancements while inspiring new scientists and other professionals to enter the field.


Save the Date for the 27th Annual Meeting

May 7-11, 2024 | Baltimore, MD

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