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Thank You for Attending the 2021 Policy Summit

Thank you for joining us in Washington, D.C. and virtually for our first-ever hybrid Policy Summit. Catch up on the content by reading recaps on our blog, and we hope to see you next year!

Policy Issues

Research Funding

Through congressional advocacy, including one-on-one meetings with legislative staff, briefings, and letters, ASGCT advocates for federal funding for gene and cell therapy research.

Regulatory Policy

ASGCT advocates for a predictable and efficient regulatory environment that supports safe and effective clinical translation of gene and cell therapies.

Responsible Use of Technology

ASGCT has made it a priority to support dialogue and exchange of ideas as new gene and cell therapy technologies prompt new questions about their use.

Patient Access Priorities

Patient Access Overview

Since the surge in gene and cell therapy approvals and development, ASGCT has advocated for policies that support patient access to these products in a variety of ways.

Genetic Screening & Testing

To obtain access to, and maximal benefit from, potentially life-altering approved gene therapies, diagnosing patients as early as possible is critical. ASGCT advocates to federal policymakers to support access to genetic testing and screening.

Payment Policy

ASGCT supports payment policies that facilitate patient access to approved gene and cell therapies, including full coverage of FDA-labeled indications, maximal reimbursement of providers, and the use of innovative payment mechanisms.

Global Access to Gene Therapies

ASGCT is working to foster improved access to gene and cell therapies on a global scale. As part of these efforts, the Society has initiated partnered educational programming to support clinical development.in middle-income countries.

Clinical Trials Finder

A resource for patients and professionals in the field, our finder identifies gene and cell therapy clinical trials globally.


ASGCT 25th Annual Meeting

May 16-19, 2022

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