Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DEI is the catalyst for gene and cell therapy’s innovation, growth, and access.


At ASGCT, we believe that innovation and access to gene and cell therapy come from the inclusion of all peoples: believing that their diverse backgrounds, culture, and experiences are an important part of better equipping our society for the future.

ASGCT is focused on diversity, equity and inclusion efforts that benefit the future and current members of our society, the communities they serve. It is the goal of ASGCT to continually grow to better meet the needs of underrepresented groups and individuals by increasing awareness, opportunities for education, and acknowledgement.

Underrepresented groups within the bio-medical field are an essential part of the innovation and future of all biology and technological advances. These include women, those of Latino, Black, African descent, Native, and Indigenous peoples. Underrepresented groups also include those who have a disability and/or are part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

These efforts are guided by the DEI Committee. 

Goals of DEI at ASGCT 

Implement programs to increase the pipeline of people from underrepresented groups pursuing careers in the bio-med field.  

  • Efforts underway include the Biotech Discovery Labs: Teacher Training and Classroom Experience 

Pursue growth in ASGCT membership to reflect underrepresented groups. 

  • ASGCT continues to grow as a society. This inspires more inclusive practices at every level of the society. 

Increase pathways to improve underrepresented populations access, trust, and confidence in gene and cell therapies through programs, education, and allyship. 

Foster meaningful conversation regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion with ASGCT members and for all people, with the understanding that these are instrumental in creating access to and understanding of, gene and cell therapies.  

  • Efforts underway include the Committee Awareness Initiative: Being intentional About Diversity. 


ASGCT Policy Summit

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