ASGCT Policy Summit | September 22-24, 2021

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Thank You For Attending the 24th Annual Meeting

If you missed anything from the 24th Annual Meeting, you can still watch all the content on demand through August 13 on the meeting platform and on

Annual Meeting Highlights

21st Annual Meeting Videos

Many of the sessions from the 21st Annual Meeting are now available online! Lectures, scientific symposia and educational sessions are all free to view from the 2018 meeting held in Chicago!

20th Annual Meeting Videos

Playlists full of lectures, scientific symposia and educational sessions from the 2017 Annual Meeting held in Washington, D.C. are all free on ASGCT's YouTube page!

Meeting, Workshop, & Course Information

ASGCT Annual Meetings

The annual meeting provides a forum for professionals to present and critically discuss the latest gene and cell therapy developments.

Professional Development Seminars

Our series of professional development seminars will be free live and on demand for ASGCT members. Register now for "How To" With AAV Vectors on July 9!

Pre-Meeting Workshops

Learn more about the ASGCT Pre-Meeting Workshops, traditionally held the day before the ASGCT Annual Meeting.


We've partnered with the National Organization for Rare Disorders to create a series of digital events designed to educate both patient and clinical audiences about the potential of gene therapy.

Non-ASGCT Events

Find out about other gene and cell therapy events throughout the year. 

ASGCT Discrimination & Harassment Policy

The fields of gene and cell therapy will be strongest when all members are supported by positive, safe, and healthy work environments. Our hope is that this policy will prevent incidents of harassment and discrimination, remove barriers to reporting incidents, and maintain the high quality of scientific discourse that we have come to expect at ASGCT events.


ASGCT Policy Summit

September 22-24, 2021

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