Gene, Cell, & RNA Therapy Landscape Report

The Gene, Cell, & RNA Therapy Landscape report, created in partnership with Informa Pharma Intelligence, is the only field-wide report covering the therapeutics pipeline, clinical targets, developer progress, and more.

Q4: Two New Gene Therapies Approved in U.S.

In Q4, gene therapies Hemgenix and Adstiladrin were approved in the U.S. for hemophilia B and bladder cancer, respectively. In the EU, cell therapy Ebvallo was approved for Epstein-Barr virus-positive post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease. 

Report Archive

Q1 2021

The data show unequivocally that gene, cell, and RNA therapies continue to grow rapidly with nearly 3,500 therapies in preclinical and clinical development throughout the world.

Q2 2021

Highlights in the second quarter of 2021 include the approval of a new gene therapy in Japan, the expansion of gene therapy approvals to three new countries, and more!

Q3 2021

New in Q3: two new gene therapies in the European Union (EU) and China, the expansion of two gene therapy approvals to new regions (South Korea and the EU), the continued growth ingene therapy research, and the latest on RNA therapeutic studies of anti-infective prophylactic vaccines.

Q4 2021

Globally, there are now 3,483 gene, cell, and RNA therapies in development from preclinical through pre-registration stages. Q4 2021 highlights: approval of a new cell therapy and a new RNA therapy in the U.S., and much more!

Q1 2022

Highlights include approval of a CAR T-cell therapy for multiple myeloma in the U.S., filing for approval of an AAV5 gene therapy for hemophilia B in the EU and the UK, and more.

Q2 2022

This quarter, a gene therapy for epidermolysis bullosa awaits approval in the U.S. and a CAR T-cell therapy for multiple myeloma awaits approval in China.

Q3 2022

In Q3, there were two new gene therapy approvals and three new RNA vaccine approvals, increases in dealmaking and fundraising, and development on anticancer indications within non-genetically modified cell therapy. 


26th Annual Meeting

May 16-20 | Los Angeles, CA

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