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Register for Our Next Café on Interviewing

Registration is now open for our September 17 café, Finding Employment in Industry from Academia! Register for free to learn the basics about preparing for an interview, navigating the interview conversation, and maximizing your opportunity to achieve your desired industry position.  

ASGCT Members can access on-demand recordings of all past cafés on their respective pages below.

We look forward to seeing you on September 17!

2021 Seminars

Finding Employment in Industry from Academia

Register for our September 17 café, where you'll learn the basics about how to prepare for an interview, navigate the interview conversation, and maximize your opportunity to achieve your desired industry position!

"How To" with Cas 9 and CRISPR

On Oct. 22, we're excited to welcome Ben Kleinstiver, PhD. Dr. Kleinstiver is a biochemist and genome editor whose interests include translating technologies into molecular medicines.

Success Strategies for a Virtual Meeting

During our inaugural seminar, attendees learned how to create a marketable poster, network in an online environment, and get the attention of hiring professionals. The on-demand session is available to ASGCT members.

Academic Writing Dos and Don'ts

Our speakers covered journal writing from abstract to submission and non-journal writing, and asked questions to a panel of ASGCT editors. ASGCT members: Watch the session on demand.

"How To" with AAV Vectors

During this seminar, speakers provided an introduction to gene therapy followed by a very structured approach to AAV vectors and considerable time for Q&A.

Grant Writing

This café focused on strengthening writing for traditional government grants (NSF, NIH, CDC, etc.), as well as non-traditional grants.


ASGCT Policy Summit

September 22-24, 2021

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