Professional Development Seminars

Thank You for Attending Our First Seminar

Thank you for joining us for Success Strategies for a Virtual Meeting!

Our next seminar, Academic Writing Dos and Don'ts, will be held June 11. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

The on-demand recording of Success Strategies for a Virtual Meeting is now available to ASGCT Members.

Future Seminars

Academic Writing Dos and Don'ts

On June 11, our speakers will cover journal writing from abstract to submission and non-journal writing. A panel of ASGCT editors will also answer questions that you can submit before or during the session.

"How To" with AAV Vectors

More information about the July seminar coming soon!

Grant Writing

More information about the August seminar coming soon!

Bio-Industry Committee Special Presentation

More information about the September seminar coming soon!

"How To" with Cas 9 and CRISPR

More information about the October seminar coming soon!


ASGCT 24th Annual Meeting

May 11-14, 2021

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