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The latest research & insights on cutting-edge topics chosen by ASGCT committees and presented by gene and cell therapy experts.

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Join us in October for five, two-hour sessions on:

  • Revisiting Annual Meeting abstracts

  • Risk assessment of lentiviral & AAV gene therapy vectors

  • Risk assessment of gene-editing technologies

  • Treating genetic diseases prior to birth

  • Innate immune responses

Sessions + Support Opportunities

Oct. 16: Best of ASGCT Annual Meeting Abstracts

Revisit the top abstracts from past Annual Meetings with presentations that cover post-meeting research and findings.

Oct. 17: Risk Assessment of Lentiviral & AAV Gene Therapy Vectors

Our panel of experts will discuss state-of-the-art technologies and assays for integration site profiling, clonality, and oncogenesis.

Oct. 18: Risk Assessment for Gene Editing Technologies and Outcomes

A key factor to successful gene editing therapy is efforts to monitor genome integrity, clonality and fate of gene-corrected cells.

Oct. 19: Treating Genetic Diseases Prior to Birth

Despite recent progress, there is an urgent need to explore novel cell and gene therapy tools for prenatal application and the ethical considerations surrounding this topic.

Oct. 20: Innate Immune Responses and Non-viral Gene Delivery

This session will illustrate recent advances in our understanding of how pathogen recognition and consequent innate immune signaling may impact non-viral delivery of nucleic acids for better or for worse.

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