Advocate on behalf of members to lawmakers and policymakers to support the success of and patient access to gene and cell therapy.

ASGCT will represent scientists, physicians, patient advocates, and other stakeholders to lawmakers and policymakers.

The Society will advocate to maximize access, promote a regulatory environment that supports clinical translation, and ensure robust research funding to propel scientific advancement of gene and cell therapy. ASGCT will mediate internal and public dialogue on how best to maximize access to gene therapy.

  1. Promote access to gene and cell therapy by increasing transparency and dialogue among stakeholders and serving as the champion for access to legislators, regulators, and payers.
  2. Encourage broader applications and access to genetic testing, including newborn screening, leading to improved diagnoses and explore criteria for assessing efficacy of gene and cell therapies.
  3. Create and facilitate a global registry of patients who receive gene therapy generating meaningful data to improve patient outcomes and promote access.
  4. Better understand and create a forum for understanding global regulatory landscape for advancing gene and cell therapies outside of the United States.

Download the Full 2020 ASGCT Strategic Plan

2020 Strategic Plan

ASGCT is committed to seizing on the tremendous growth in the science and clinical application of gene and cell therapy, supporting the global impact of our work, and strengthening the Society’s infrastructure.


Educate members and other stakeholders on multiple platforms, empowering communities to advance the science and application of gene and cell therapy.

Global Outreach

Foster global outreach by advancing knowledge, education, and awareness of gene and cell therapy around the world. 


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May 7-11, 2024 | Baltimore, MD

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