Novel CAR T-Cell Therapies for Hematologic Malignancies

October 5, 2022 | 1 - 3 p.m. CT

Several CAR T-cell therapies have achieved durable responses in hematological malignancies, resulting in FDA approval of these products. Still, challenges remain to include “off-the-shelf” options and treatments for solid tumors, where the suppressive microenvironment is particularly problematic. Speakers during this session will review the current state of CAR T-cell therapies. They'll also provide updates on how CRISPR-based genome editing technologies are being applied to further understanding of T-cell function and to create novel T-cell products for patients. 

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Moderators: Daniela Bischof, PhD and Justin Eyquem, PhD
Indiana University School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

Lessons Learned on CAR T-Cells for Malignancies

Cliona Rooney, PhD
Texas Children's Hospital / Baylor College of Medicine

Novel CRISPR/Cas-Based Editing Approaches for Studying T-Cell Function

Julia Carnevale, MD
University of California San Francisco

Novel CRISPR/Cas Based Editing Approaches for Generating Engineered T Cells

Beau Webber, PhD
University of Minnesota

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