Communicate scientific discoveries and clinical applications to patient communities, the public, and media.

ASGCT will be the most trusted source of information on the science, technology, and application of gene and cell therapy, providing timely and accurate updates through myriad media.

The Society will proactively publicize and promote the field, delivering meaningful content, engaging broader audiences, and facilitating public discourse in order to dispel myths, confront challenges, incorporate gene and cell therapy into mainstream healthcare, and provide ethical leadership and crisis management.

  1. Conduct a landscape analysis and develop a deeper understanding of the nature of professional and lay resources regarding gene and cell therapy. 
  2. Establish a comprehensive strategy for generating content and leading discussion on gene and cell therapy in focused media as well as a process by which the Society may adequately respond to and engage with stakeholders as issues arise.
  3. Continue and expand efforts to reach prospective patient populations and provide timely, accurate, and responsible information about gene and cell therapy.

Download the Full 2020 ASGCT Strategic Plan

2020 Strategic Plan

ASGCT is committed to seizing on the tremendous growth in the science and clinical application of gene and cell therapy, supporting the global impact of our work, and strengthening the Society’s infrastructure.


Advocate on behalf of members to lawmakers and policymakers to support the success of and patient access to gene and cell therapy. 


Innovate by driving scientific and technological advancements while inspiring new scientists and other professionals to enter the field.


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