Innovate by driving scientific and technological advancements while inspiring new scientists and other professionals to enter the field.

ASGCT will directly encourage federal research funding agencies to support both general and specific gene and cell therapy research projects.

The Society will also leverage its own resources and collaborate with a broad group of stakeholders to both set the direction for innovative research and award individual projects and researchers in line with those directives.

  1. Through a concerted and concentrated effort, deeply engage with the National Institutes of Health, to assist in setting the direction of gene and cell therapy research through specific RFAs and/ or other programs and ultimately increase NIH funding for gene and cell therapy research.
  2. Drive scientific and technological innovation through ASGCT by establishing new grant and award programs that support member efforts in a variety of research settings.
  3. Identify and cultivate future scientific leaders through funded fellowship programs, either executed by the Society or in partnership with others.
  4. Encourage support and advancement of research through partnerships and collaborations resulting in increased funding opportunities in the field.

Download the Full 2020 ASGCT Strategic Plan

2020 Strategic Plan

ASGCT is committed to seizing on the tremendous growth in the science and clinical application of gene and cell therapy, supporting the global impact of our work, and strengthening the Society’s infrastructure.


Advocate on behalf of members to lawmakers and policymakers to support the success of and patient access to gene and cell therapy. 


Communicate scientific discoveries and clinical applications to patient communities, the public, and media. 


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