Clinical Trials Training Course

Focusing on the development of early stage clinical trials, specifically covering the journey from preclinical development to clinical trial implementation.

Content from this 2017 pre-meeting workshop from the 20th Annual Meeting is being shared online by popular request from Society membership. As the Society is able to secure additonal permissions from presenters at the workshop, their content will be avaialble on this page.

Regulation of Cell & Gene Therapy Products for Clinical Trials

Dr. Adrian Gee
Baylor College of Medicine

Integration of Work Flows for the Generation of Gene-Modified Cell Products

Dr. Boro Dropulić
Lentigen Technology, Inc., A Miltenyi Biotec Company

Clinically Meaningful Endpoints

Dr. Claire Henchcliffe
Weill Cornell Medical College

Development of Gene and Cell Therapies

Dr. Larissa Lapteva
U.S. Food & Drug Administration

T Cell Therapy for HIV: Genetic Engineering of Enhanced Function and HIV Resistance

Dr. Bruce Levine
University of Pennsylvania

Lenti Production, Scale-Up and Commercialisation

Dr. James Miskin
Oxford BioMedica

Clinical and Operational Infrastructure for Engineered Cell Therapy Delivery

Dr. Sarah Nikiforow
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Pre Pre-IND and Pre-IND Interactions for Cell and Gene Therapy Products

Dr. Theresa Chen
U.S. Food & Drug Administration


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September 22-24, 2021

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