Education and Awareness

Significant advancements have been made over many years by ASGCT members, and several therapeutic approaches that have the potential to dramatically improve the lives of patients are expected to be available in the clinic the next few years. Yet there are misconceptions about where the state of the science stands and some in the public are fearful of how powerful scientific tools, like CRISPR, will be applied.

ASGCT is well positioned to expand on its current educational efforts and use its expertise to educate policymakers and other non-government organizations on the benefits and capabilities of gene and cell therapies. Furthermore, ASGCT disseminates information on active standards development programs in the field and regulatory policy developments to ensure regenerative medicines are of high quality.

All educational outreach activities will promote a realistic and positive view of gene and cell therapies to ensure future policy decisions are supported by a wide variety of stakeholders. These efforts reinforce ASGCT’s position as the leading expert on gene therapy, gene editing, and regenerative medicine, and serve as the foundation for robust biomedical research funding that demonstrates the value of gene and cell therapy.

Pillar 2: Biomedical Research Funding

The growth and sustainability of the entire continuum of research and development is needed to ensure that life-saving gene and cell therapies are available to the patients who need them. The field of regenerative medicine is a powerful example of the benefits investing in basic and translational research can have in the development of therapeutics.

Pillar 3: Value of Gene and Cell Therapy

Conversations about value will shape how gene and cell therapies will be viewed by the market. Additionally, those views will impact clinical adoption and reimbursement. There are now clear examples of product unsustainability when high treatment costs and lack of insurance coverage create barriers to access.


ASGCT Policy Summit

September 22-24, 2021

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