Value of Gene and Cell Therapy

Conversations about value will shape how gene and cell therapies will be viewed by the market. Additionally, those views will impact clinical adoption and reimbursement. There are now clear examples of product unsustainability when high treatment costs and lack of insurance coverage create barriers to access.

This impacts both the success of a company and the field as a whole. Gene and cell therapies are often directed towards the underlying cause of a condition and may be durable and/or curative, which results in improved clinical outcomes and patient experience. Moreover, avoiding the need for a lifetime of treatment will save the healthcare system significant amounts of money.

As the premier society for gene and cell therapy, ASGCT is shaping the conversation on the value of gene and cell therapies by leveraging their expertise and collaborating with partners, including patient advocacy organizations. ASGCT evaluates and influences policy that will prepare the health system for the curative therapies the Society’s members are developing. These efforts fulfill several aspects of ASGCT’s mission including enhancing the Society’s outreach efforts and working towards successful and widespread use of innovative treatments.

ASGCT held the first-ever ASGCT Value Summit: Advancing Patient Access to the Benefits of Gene Therapy in the fall of 2018. Throughout the full-day event, a series of speakers focused on current efforts to enhance patient access to approved therapies, solutions to barriers to patient access, and the need for collaborative support on proposed solutions. Select presentation materials from the ASGCT Value Summit are available for download.

Access Value Summit Materials

Pillar 1: Education and Awareness

Significant advancements have been made over many years by ASGCT members, and several therapeutic approaches that have the potential to dramatically improve the lives of patients are expected to be available in the clinic the next few years.

Pillar 2: Biomedical Research Funding

The growth and sustainability of the entire continuum of research and development is needed to ensure that life-saving gene and cell therapies are available to the patients who need them. The field of regenerative medicine is a powerful example of the benefits investing in basic and translational research can have in the development of therapeutics.


ASGCT 24th Annual Meeting

May 11-14, 2021

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